Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Outlook

Good news! For my birthday this past Saturday, I recieved a new smartish phone. Because of this phone's enhanced typing and photo capabilities, I will be running the blog from my phone!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Moe's and Meatballs

The disgusting Meatball Bubble Gum at Serendipity Sweets

Hanging out at Moe's BBQ

     Last Monday (So much for current events) the guys of my Youth Group got together for some dinner at Moe's BBQ- a local BBQ eatery- as well as some fellowshipping time. the scheduled drop off and pick up was 6:30-8:30, but we ate in about thirty minutes and were left with lots of free time on our hands and food in our bellies.
     We strolled briskly around the area and eventually wandered into Serendipity Sweets- another local place- to see what we could find. I had heard much about this place, but it's on the other side of town from where I live, so I hadn't ever been. It was a shocker. Their menus on the wall were HDTV's! HDTV's for an ICE CREAM shop! Now I understand why I don't live on this side of town.
     I then discovered, inside of this interesting shop, the ever elusive meatball bubble gum! This "Hearty Italian" gum looked pretty gross to me, but it didn't appear so to some of the other fellows. I prefer it with a side of Ragu.

Friday, August 27, 2010

So I was eating some dinner at Zaxby's with some friends of mine. After my meal of hot wings, we all went back out to the car to drive home, but the battery wouldn't start, so we had to go back inside the restaurant to ask someone to jump us. The people pulled up next to us but the jumper cables wouldn't reach! So we had to push the car into the middle of the parking lot. And we finally got it to start. Now home we go!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fire, Water, Junior High

A sideways look as Adam Hess serves up the ball during Four Square.

 I think our Youth Group is the best. We combine Jesus and fun in an amazing way. Like in this game that we played. The object is to finish drinking all of your water, but you can only drink when your candle is lit. Plus your candle can be blown out by the other person. Now the real question is, should I have let her win? Was I too rude in beating her? You decide! Leave a comment and tell me what you think.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque or No Mosque?



Historically, Islamic terrorists have built Mosques in places that they have "conquered". Not to say that all Mosques represent conquering. Have they "conquered" us? I don't believe that they have.  And I think that we as the United States need to give up our politically correct agenda and say no to this proposal!


Today, my blog viewers, is a historic day. On this day in history, a new blog has launched. A blog that will rewrite, no, transcend all on the internet. A blog, that, with you, the viewers' interest, will be the best blog ever! Actually, it launched yesterday.